Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of Fall Semester

So today marks the first day of the semester. Even though I did not sleep very well and I failed to get up to work out like I planned, it was a pretty good morning. I had a good breakfast in the caf, and then got a cafe latte from the JBK. Good coffee makes any morning better. And it was kinda cloudy this morning which made it even better. I felt so collegiate walking across campus in my neopolitan colored outfit, classy backpack and a coffee in hand. I only had one class today and it was biology. Boo. What a great class to start the semester off with. It wasn't too bad though and my professor was pretty funny and chill. I still have to work desk and later tonight is my first program and then mandatory meeting. I'm nervous about speaking in front of all the 2nd floor girls, but it has to be done. I'm super excited about this semester and all the fun we are gonna have. I know that God has some big plans for this year, and I hope that my life reflects God's love. Even though I'm not really sure what my talents are, I hope that I'm able to eventually find out what they are and serve and glorify God in those areas.

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