Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dinosaurs and Ice Cream = Happiness

So yesterday my Mom and I went to an art museum and then the science museum. I'm not really a big fan of science or art so it was not the greatest adventure ever, but there were a few awesome things that happened. One being the fact that the science museum has a dinosaur exhibit. I mean come on, you can't get much better than that. Also the museum has this huge T-Rex outside that is probably the best part about the museum. I would trade in my car for a dinosaur any day. It was funny because last night, I had a dream about a dinosaur. Everyone was trying to find places to hide because there was a pretty good chance it was gonna eat us. But you might have noticed that I didn't call it a nightmare. That is because I would be totally excited if the way I died was from a dinosaur eating me. I mean seriously that's way cool, and no one would forget it. Years later they would say, "Remember that Becky girl, who got eaten by that dinosaur. Man that was crazy cool." 
Secondly, my Mom and I decided to stop by Dairy Queen on the way home to get some blizzards. This is was a wonderful idea except that when I get anywhere near ice cream, I lose all self control. If placed near a swimming pool full of ice cream, I would probably eat it all. So my plan was to just buy a mini blizzard because I knew that if I got a bigger size, I would eat the whole thing regardless if I was hungry or not. But my dear sweet Mother, who is the very person who passed down the I-love-ice-cream gene to me, convinced me that the mini blizzard was ridiculously too small so she got me a medium instead.  Bad move. I ate the entire thing, and part of the  extra blizzard that Dairy Queen decided to give us. I'm not gonna lie, it was super delicious. The problem though is that I felt horrible after consuming that much of a dairy product. I felt sick the rest of the night, and had a continuous ice cream cough (I don't know about you but every time I eat ice cream, I always have a weird cough afterwards). I also had guilt belly (knowing that you ate way too much, and having to deal with the consequences of working it off later). 
So this morning I woke up and ran, which was a struggle to say the least. I thought I was gonna pass out and die in the ditch on the side of the road. But after I finished running, I felt very accomplished. Even though I had a horrible fatty eating day yesterday, today is a new day. I started it off with a hard run, and I'm gonna try my best to eat healthy. I'm also excited because I think I know which half marathon I want to run in. This gives me a goal to work towards and that will keep me motivated on the mornings that I don't want to get up and run. But most of all the reason I knew it was gonna be a great day was because tonight I get to go to the Rangers game. I love the Ballpark in Arlington so much! I love me some Rangers baseball!

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