Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So my snack yesterday was actually cake. I for me. In my art class, one of the girls brought a cake for part of her lesson plan. I was just being a good student by eating it. Ok I'll admit it. It was wonderfully delicious and it looked like the American flag. Does it make it healthy if it has fruit on it?

Dinner: homemade quesadilla (cheese, mushrooms, corn, black beans, tomatoes) with salsa and avacado.
Snack: chocolate milk and rice krispy treat
I shouldn't have drank all the choc. milk or eaten the rice krispy treat, but I did. I hadn't had choc. milk in awhile and it tasted wonderful.


Bfast: cereal, coffee, peach
Lunch: chili w/ cheese, corn and saltines
Snack: ? not sure. Nothing sounds good
Dinner: Probably mac and cheese, chicken nuggets

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