Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 I love reading blogs. Especially ones about healthy eating. Its kind of nerdy of me, but oh well. There is one that I read, whose writer I have a few things in common with. So the other day I realized that since she knows so much about healthy eating and I'm trying to find ways to be healthier, why not ask for her advice.
So in my efforts to live life more fully and to be healthier, I took a chance and emailed her for some healthy eating advice. After I sent the email I was super excited about her possibly emailing me back. So later that day when I checked my email I was happy to see I had a reply to my email. But her reply email was very disappointing. One sentence. That's it. It said something like, "Sorry I can't give personal advice, but thanks for reading the blog." Boo. Even though I don't know this lady, I was very hurt by her response. I suddenly got angry. Looking back I'm pretty sure I called her a turd. How sweet of me.
I'm not telling this story so that we can gang up on her and throw tomatoes at her. I just realized through this experience that I am not good with rejection. Even when its something as little as this was. It opened up my eyes to how I'm living my life with a fear of being rejected. When making new friends, when talking to boys, when trying new things, etc. I purposely do not put myself out there because I'm afraid people won't like what they see and throw it back at me. Even though its completely normal to not like being rejected, I shouldn't let it hold me back from trying new things or meeting new people. So when I emailed that lady, I was hoping to learn something. Well I did. Not what I thought I would, but at least its something. I need to stop being afraid that people aren't gonna like me. I need to live with confidence. I don't want to miss out on any more great experiences because I'm living in fear.

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