Friday, October 28, 2011

So my meals went exactly like I said.
Snack: sunflower seeds, cookies, chocolate milk, gummy worms
I know this is the most unhealthy snack ever. I just got nervous watching the Rangers game so I kept eating. Nervous eating is a bad habit that I need to stop. The Rangers game was so nerve wracking. I was running in place in our living room for like 30-40 minutes. Luckily my roommates were not out there to laugh at me. I screamed a lot. I will admit that when we got close to winning like 3 times, I started to tear up a little. Then we kept messing up and eventually lost it. I kicked something out of rage. I have issues obviously. So its on to Game 7. I have been waiting for the Rangers to win the World Series for a long time. Thanks to my older brother I am completely obsessed. I know they can win it. (Insert scene from Angels in the Outfield when the whole stadium starts flapping their arms.)

Bfast: cereal, peach, coffee
Lunch: nachos (chips, cheese, b. beans, tomatoes, corn) and lots of salsa
Snack: ?

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