Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kitty Litter, Milk and Ground Squirrel!

So the other night my friends Audrie and Allison were sitting with me in our lobby. I had made some hot chocolate and Allison got a whif of it. The whif that entered her nostrils triggered a memory of one of her childhood favorite meals, Malt-O-Meal. Well you might be asking, what in the who-ha is Malt-O-Meal? Well if Allison heard you ask this question, her reply would be a little something like this, "Do you like pudding? Do you like oatmeal? Do you like milk, butter and sugar? Well then you would love Malt-O-Meal because those are its ingredients." When she realized that neither I nor Audrie had ever had Malt-O-Meal, she sought out to find other people on our floor who had eaten this supposedly delightful meal. She ended up finding two people. She decided to make Malt-O-Meal the next night for the entire 2nd floor. Audrie and I didn't think she was gonna go through with it, but never tell Allison Post that she can't or won't do something. She will prove you wrong. She wouldn't be Allison Post if she didn't take it upon herself to revolutionize everyone's world by giving them Malt-O-Meal (MOM).  So yesterday, Allison and I made a trip to Walmart to buy some MOM. Upon arriving in the hot cereal aisle, we realized that they did have MOM but not the chocolate kind in the purple box. This would not suffice. Level 2ers do not settle for just Original MOM. Allison thought that there might be some on the back of the shelf. So I prepared to give her boost so that she could look to see if there was any chocolate MOM hidden somewhere. Well I went to lift her up and then this is where it gets interesting. I'm not the strongest person, so I didn't do a great job lifting her. So as she went up in the air, her knee hit me in the chest, then I kinda made her fall into the shelf knocking over all the oatmeal. We looked like idiots. All we accomplished was making a mess of things and getting ourselves hurt. Allison was set out to find the chocolate MOM and she wasn't gonna give up till she found it. So we went to United, and they didn't have it. So she called the Walmarts in Amarillo. Two of them didn't have it either, but the last one she called did. So we decided to drive to Amarillo to get the MOM and then while we were over there we would stop by and see The Kendall Harris Experience at the Church at Quail Creek. So we arrived at the Walmart and were overjoyed to find the chocolate MOM. I have never seen Allison Post that happy ever. So we then headed to the Church at Quail Creek. We were worried about finding it, but we actually had no trouble. But once we got there, we had no idea which door to go into or where we were supposed to go. We arrived there at 7 and we walked around the church for a good 15 minutes looking for everyone. We ended up walking into orchestra practice, and old people bible study and the preschool. Finally we found the door that we were supposed to go into, but there were these stairs right inside the door that we weren't sure if we were supposed to go up. Then our friend Sam appeared and Allison yelled "SAM!" a little loudly, which caused me to laugh really loud. Little did we know that everyone was upstairs and probably could hear us making a ruckus. So we walked in 15 minutes late while the preacher was talking. We had to leave by 8:30 so that I could get back in time for night duty. So we were sitting there listening to the guy talk not sure if we were gonna get to hear any of the Kendall Harris Experience because we had to leave soon. The guy wrapped it up and KHE played one final song to end the shindig. Yeah that's right. We got to hear one song. We pretty much missed all of the "Experience" of Kendall Harris. So even though it was done, all of our friends from the BSM stayed and were gonna hear Kendall play some more. But of course we had to leave to go back for night duty. We got there late and left early. As Allison and I were driving back to Canyon, we discussed our day and we realized just how awkward we are. Everywhere we went that day, we did something completely awkward or weird that caused people to stare at us and shake their heads. But we can't help it, it comes naturally. Then when we got back to Cross Hall, Allison and I went on to make the MOM. I have to admit the powder looked like sand. I thought that the chocolate MOM was quite tasty after it had been "doctored up" as Allison would say. The Original MOM on the other hand...well lets just say that it wasn't as big of a hit. Allison then took some of the chocolate MOM to the girls on our floor. I don't know what their opinion of it was, but I must say for myself that I enjoyed the experience. Is it my favorite food? Nope. But I think that because I went on an adventure with Allison to retrieve it, it made me appreciate it so much more. So my conclusion is that Allison and I are like MOM. The three of us are misunderstood and our awkwardness is not fully appreciated by everyone. We may not be super popular, but we are rare. There are not many like us and when you do find us (on the top shelf in the hot cereal aisle in a ghetto Walmart in Amarillo) it is an awkward but crazy fun experience that you will remember forever.

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  1. What a sheltered world I live in. I though everyone had eaten Malt-O-Meal sometime in their lives!

    And you're right, chocolate is a necessity.

    And that was one of the most amazing Walmart stories I've ever heard in my life. haha