Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dog lifeguard at your service

One of my little projects this summer was trying to teach my dog Parker how to swim. He always just sits on the top step of our pool and drinks the water. My other dog Gunter is quite capable of swimming and actually looks like a whale when he's in the water. So I thought it was about time that Parker stopped living his life in fear. It took a few days but finally I succeeded. All it took was for me to start swimming and he became worried and tried following me. Its really cute because he doesn't like getting his ears wet so he shakes his head as he is swimming and forgets he needs to keep paddling. Now that he is a little more confident, he likes to chase me like a piranha. It is a little terrifying. But I felt like a proud parent and was showing off his swimming skills to the rest of the family. The sad part is that now I can't swim laps in the pool without him following me, trying to bite me, and then me trying to get him back to the steps because he is still a little guppy in need of assistance.

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