Thursday, April 7, 2011

So it is sort of a tradition that whenever all three Propp children are home together, we like to interegate my mother and find out what she thinks each of our special talents are or what is unique about each one of us. This always makes my mom nervous because when we were younger this is normally how one of our conversations would go.

Mom-"Nathan, I think you are really artistic and very outgoing."
Me-"So your saying I'm not artistic?"
Mom-" I didn't say that."
Me-"You didn't have to."
Mom-"Justin you are a great athlete and very responsible."
Nathan-"So I'm not responsible?
Mom-"Oh gosh, I knew this was gonna happen"

I would like to say as we got older that we matured and didn't continue to do this to our mother, but then I would be lying. The most recent time we had a discussion like this it was just me, my mom, and my older brother Justin. She was really hesitant to compliment us, but in the end she caved. She told my older brother that he was a good husband, responsible, and other great qualities that are actually useful in the real world. Then when she got to me, this is what she said. "Becky, hmmm. Hmmmmm." I'm so glad that my talents are so obvious. Oh the beauty of being the middle child. But then she told me that I was very introspective. I didn't know what she meant by that, so I asked her and she replied with, "Look it up!" Thank you Karen Propp. I love my mom and how elegantly she put things. Whenever I got home I followed her advice and googled it. Here's the definition.

to examine (one's own mind or its contents) reflectively
to engage in an examination of one's thought process and sensory experience

Ever since we had that conversation, I have been thinking a lot about how right my mom was. I love learning about myself and why I do certain things. For example, when I found out that I don't smile very often and I speak in an almost monotone voice. I learned that while working at a camp this summer. People always thought I was angry or that I didn't care about stuff. When I got home I asked my mom if I actually do this. She said that I haven't always been like that. When I was little I was super outgoing and smiley. She said as I got older, I got quietier and chilled out a lot. No one had ever told me that I looked like a gloomy Gus all the time or that I talked like a robot. This fascinated me and now that I'm aware of the fact that I look like a bassett hound, I can work on being more approachable and friendly.

Other interesting things I do that people have pointed out to me:
  • I watch tv with my head tilted awkwardly to the side, which is super uncomfortable for most human beings.
  • Whenever I'm thinking, I chew on the sides of my cheeks, which I must say makes me look like an idiot. My mom can always tell if I'm in deep thought because when she looks at me, my face is contorted in a weird way. Great.
  • Whenever I don't understand what someone is trying to tell me I blink a lot. Which happens a lot. I now have the nickname Blinky.
  • I tend to make weird noises randomly, especially when I trip (I make this noise that kinda sounds like that grunt thing Tim Allen does on the show Home Improvement).
  • I smell like syrup. I have come to the conclusion that my body has a maple syrup gland where a sweat gland was supposed to be.
These traits aren't that exciting, but I love these things about myself, even if they aren't winning me any points with the fellas. They make me unique, and I love that I learn something new about myself all the time. Learning about myself helps me attempt to become a better person. I also love knowing that I do these strange things because that's how God made me. He designed me to have the same interests of a 3rd grade boy (dinosaurs, Ninja Turtles, dragons, etc.), but still act like an old lady, too. He knew before I was born that whenever I was in college, that while other girls would want to watch Say Yes to the Dress I would rather watch Texas Rangers games or hockey or soccer. And for some strange reason I feel a connection to Native Americans and lumberjacks. He also created in me a desire to one day get married at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and to have a ring pop instead of a diamond one. Now that is a God with sense of humor.
I know this is a super random blog post, but I just love thinking about how God didn't take a short cut and create us all the same. He gave us each unique personalities and quirks that showcase how big of a God he is. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't hide your quirks. Celebrate them because you have them for a reason, and that reason is to bring glory to a God who loves every little thing about you.

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