Monday, February 14, 2011

"Will you answer my dinosaur mating call?"

My valentine's day was quite unique. It was pretty boring for the most part until Audrie and I headed over to our friend Elizabeth's house. We ate some stuffed crust pizza, fruit, and cherry limeades. Then we proceeded to stuff grapes under our upper lips. It sounds childish, but it was a hoot and a half. Then Audrie and I tried to teach Elizabeth how to do a dinosaur mating call. It is funny enough by itself, but then Elizabeth just couldn't get the hang of it. So we sat around for a good 20 minutes trying to coach her. It was a hilarious and gassy event. Audrie and I then went to United to buy a cake pan. We danced in the bathroom to the stellar music and continued to do so, pretending the cake pan was a tamborine. It was a very fun evening spent among friends.

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