Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ooooklahoma where the winds go sweepin down the plain! (Part 2)

So Allison and I started the second day of our road trip to Oklahoma off early in the morn. We packed up our stuff and went to Starbucks for me and Sonic for Allison. When we were leaving Sonic, a bigger vehicle started backing up. Allison didn't see them right away, and they did not make any attempt at stopping. I started to panic, so I just pointed and grunted to get Allison's attention. She screamed and then honked continuously at them. They had a huge dent near their bumper, so it was obvious that they have had issues with this "not looking where they're going" sort of thing before. Luckily there was no collision and we were able to continue on our journey. After we had been driving for a little bit, we came to the realization that we were going to run into a toll booth. Crap. Neither of us had any cash or change on us. So we pulled up to the booth and Allison politely told the lady our situation. She said we could pay in pennies or with a check. It makes no sense to me why you should be able to pay with a check but not a credit card. Anywho, a check was the only solution. So Allison had to write a check for $1.15. Sad, I know. The lady informed us that we would have to pay another toll in a few more miles. So I began the desperate search for change. We were both completely frantic. Luckily I was able to find enough change in Allison's purse. But then when we got to the toll booth, for some reason it didn't work and we just had to drive away. We didn't have any more change and there was a huge line of cars behind us.
With all that craziness behind us, we headed to Red Rock Canyon. On the country road to the canyon, we saw a sign that read a little something like this, "Don't pick up any hitchikers in this area because they could be possible escaped inmates." Praise the Lord that we didn't pick up any hitchhikers like Allison wanted. Then when we got to the canyon we were pleasantly surprised by the scenic drive through all the trees with beautiful autumn leaves. We got out and walked around the park. At one point we looked up and saw a family walking on a rock higher up. Allison wanted to go up there and started walking in that direction. I thought she was expecting me to scale that giant rock to get to the top. There was no way. So I said to Allison, "There is no way we can get up there. I mean there are kids up there. There is no way that they climbed up that. There must be another way to get up." Allison stared at me with a bewildered look and then said, "Why don't we just take the stairs?" I didn't understand, but I looked over to where she was pointing and sure enough there were some stairs. I don't know how I didn't see them, and I felt like a dummie. I tried to make an excuse about how I didn't see them because they were covered in leaves, but it was too late. I already had made an idiot of myself. So we climbed the stairs and started exploring on the rocks and through the trees. Later on, we started out on another trail. There was a sign that said stay on the trail. I started taking pictures off to the side, when all of a sudden I heard Allison yelp, "Becky!" I looked over and saw that one of her feet was completely submerged in mud. Never go off the trail: lesson learned. She was able to pull her foot out of the mud, but it made this suction-like gurgling noise. Her shoe and the bottom of her pants were completely soaked with mud. We had fun hiking and climbing trees. We came across an old man and his grandson. Allison, being the social person she is, carried on a polite conversation with the old man. Me, being the shy unsocial hermit that I am, just stood there and had a staring contest with the little boy. We then left the canyon and headed to some Indian trading posts. They were legit. They had a teepee, buffalo, totem pole, etc. It was better than my dreams. I was not happy with the shirts available for purchase, so we decided to just stop at the next one. At the second one, I found a wonderful Indian wolf shirt that I just had to buy. Then we stopped at Lucille's Roadhouse to eat. It was an adorable little diner that touched our hearts. Allison bought a tshirt from there, so that she would always remember Lucille and her wonderful food. We stopped in Shamrock real quick, but then before we knew it we were back in good old Canyon. Once we got settled back in, we watched 7  Brides for 7 Brothers, a lumberjack musical. It was a perfect finish to a monumental road trip weekend.

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