Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ooooklahoma where the winds go sweepin down the plain! (Part 1)

So last Thursday night, my friend Allison and I decided last minute that we would take a road trip to Oklahoma that upcoming weekend. We both did some research about things we could go see. She was totally pumped about this road trip because she had never been to Oklahoma before. Many people had told her that Oklahoma was boring and that there's nothing to do there. Allison Post did not want to believe this, and she wanted to prove them wrong by having a great time in Oklahoma. While on this trip, she thought it would be fun if we slept in the car, took showers at truck stops and picked up a hitchhiker. I knew right away that this was going to be a legendary road trip.
We woke up early Friday morning to hit the road. We ate at the caf before we left. While we were there, we witnessed a guy who was still drunk from the night before. How classy. We then packed up the car and started our drive. Allison really wanted to take a picture with the "Welcome to Oklahoma!" sign. It's hard to miss this sign but somehow we did. Along the way, we saw another Oklahoma sign, but we didn't see it in time to get off the highway. So we decided it was important enough to turn around and try to get back to it. We somehow ended up right where we got off, and decided to just try and catch it on the drive back.
We stopped in a small town called Sayre. We parked and took some pictures. People driving by stared and waved at us, and truck drivers honked at us. It was awkward, for real. We had fun walking around the town and looking in a Christmas store. We got back on the road and drove all the way to Oklahoma City. We went to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. It was quite a delightful experience. It had the coolest Cowboy and Indian stuff, and there was a beautiful outdoor garden. They also had a little town in there called Prosperity Junction that was quite quaint. There was a little chapel and schoolhouse. There was a guard in there, that tipped his cowboy hat at us and said, "Evening ladies." We decided right then and there that  Prosperity Junction was the place for us.
We then went to Toby Keith's restaurant in Bricktown. Even though we were so tired and almost fell asleep at the table, we enjoyed a good hamburger and as usual ate too much. We decided to walk around Bricktown after our big lunch. Bricktown had such a great atmosphere, especially with the canals and plethora of brick buildings. We found a part of town near the train tracks where there was Indian mural and some buffalo statues. We had fun attempting to take a few jumping pictures, too. We then tried to find one of the trolleys that drive around downtown. We sat on a bench and waited for like 15 minutes. We occupied our time by talking like we were British and saying things like, "Hello trolley people!" We were acting like eager beavers and we had our quarters ready to pay. Then when the trolley finally got there, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the trolley was free. Some of the other passengers were quite interesting. One was a homeless man, who kept acting like he was shooting stuff. It was quite entertaining. We however didn't know how to alert the driver when we wanted to get off. Luckily we were watching the homeless man, who got off before us and we saw that he pulled a cord when it got to his stop. It's sad that we had to learn this from a crazy homeless man.
Then when we got back on the road, it was around 5 and the traffic was pretty bad. We both heard a noise that sounded like a flat tire. So Allison pulled over and I got out to check the tires. None of the tires were flat and everything was fine till we tried to get back on the highway. There were so many cars that it was impossible to find an opening to merge. So we sat on the shoulder of the road for 15 minutes waiting. And we waited, and waited. Finally we were able to get back on the road and then we headed to POPS on Route 66. It had a big coke bottle sculpture thing outside that was really cool. They had a ton of different flavors of sodas, and it made it very difficult to decide on just one. We took our sodas to go and headed to Stillwater where we would be staying with Allison's friend. It was pretty chill after that, but we were completely exhausted. It was quite a fun-packed day, but there was even more excitement to come the next day.

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