Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So this weekend I got to go home to see the Rangers game. I was so excited! They played a great game and beat those stinkin Yankees! It was a wonderful experience! Then I came back to school to a whole lot of stress and craziness. I have a math project that I have to work on with a partner. I need a calculator to do the project. I ordered one a month ago and it still hasn't come in. Then I have two online classes that I constantly have homework for. Then I studied all last night for a test that I had today. It ended up not really being a test, and we went through the entire "test" together as a class. So I pretty much wasted all that time. Then my laptop kept messing up yesterday. It can be fickle sometimes so I just went to the HELC. When I got back it was still messing up. I had some people try to help me fix it, and I even took it to the IT guys in the HELC, but they couldn't fix it. So I'm left without my computer, which has all my work for my classes. My biggest concern though is that my online class's unit journals are on my computer. Those journals count as my midterm and I can't get to them now. Which means I have to redo all of them before Sunday. Great. That's just great. So now I'm just a big bundle of stress and nerves. I feel like everything is going crazy in my life. My response to stress is running, and then counter-acting that with tons of food. This makes me feel even worse. So I'm not really sure why I'm writing about all of this because none of you really want to hear me complain. But it makes me feel better to write out my frustrations. I know God has a plan and all this is happening for a reason. God is refining me and it is not a comfortable experience. I need to stop depending on things of this world to comfort me. I need to trust in the Lord, and let Him be the one that I turn to when my life is a mess. I should wake up and want to spend time in the Word, not check my facebook. Even though I feel unhappy and lost right now, I know that these times of trials and stress will bring me closer to God.

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